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Delay in USDA Reports Affecting Farmers

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While it's been about a week since the federal government reopened, local farmers are still waiting for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to catch up on its crop production reports.

Those reports were supposed to come out on October 11, but due to the shutdown, have yet to be released.

And even though private companies have released reports on price updates, AG expert Kent Thiesse says the information from the USDA is vital.

Thiesse says, "But the USDA report is always kinda the referee of reports. I guess that everybody looks to it and that report wasn't there is October. So it did leave a lot of question marks."

Farmers rely on the reports to get trends on prices and whether or not they should be locking in those prices, selling, or storing.

Thiesse says the delays in the reports could also affect crop insurance and the rate of payments to farmers.

The USDA report is expected for November.