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New Arena Proposed for Windom

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Windom community members are looking to get a new ice arena.

A facility that if constructed could be efficient on multiple levels.

The city of Windom's arena has hosted countless events since it was built in1974.

Building committee chairperson, Justin Espenson says, "This facility houses horse shows, rodeos, the county fair, hockey as wells as figure skating."

As the facility grows older, its problems are climbing, too.

Espenson says, "It's starting to wear down, in the year 2020 the state of Minnesota is requiring that the refrigerant that we use for cooling our ice will no longer be available."

Learning that an upgraded cooling system would cost a million and a half dollars just in itself.

Espenson says, "It's like remodeling your kitchen, it never gets any easier and it's only going to get more expensive once you tear in."

That's why community members are looking to build a new multifunctional facility in the four to five million dollar range.

A bill, committee members say could be flipped through bonds, local sales tax and other options while trying to keep costs as low as possible.

Espenson says, "Try to be as cost conscious as possible as we can about it while we're working on it, but at the same point, try not to just put a Band–Aid on it and five years down the road have it be a worse problem."

Focusing to gain energy efficiency out of the deal to keep operating costs down that Espenson says would be an added asset to the community along with keeping the puck on the ice.

A vote for the local sales tax will be held at the next election. If everything goes through and the proposal is approved, Espenson says the arena could be up by 2016.