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Favre Fears Concussions Have Affected His Memory

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For 20 seasons, Favre stared down some of the biggest, meanestplayers in the NFL, and won.

Now retired, he says something else has him scared.

Favre: "I don't remember my daughter playing soccer.  Playing youth soccer one summer.  I don't remember that."

Favre told Washington Sports radio station WSPZ he's experiencingmemory loss.

Favre: "so that's a little bit scary for me.  For the first time in 44 years, that's put alittle fear in me."

Favre said that fear is that he has been affected byconcussions during his long career.

It's not a new problem facing pro football veterans.  In august, the NFL agreed to pay 765 milliondollars to settle lawsuits from more than 4–thousand former players – whoclaimed their conditions were caused by repeated concussions.

Doctor Robert Glatter – a former New York jets sideline physician– now works at Lenox Hill Hospital.

He says Farve's symptoms are typical.

"Often the CT scans or the initial scans we do after asuspected head injury which is severe, may be normal but there's functionalchanges; changes involving memory orientation which basically defines what aconcussion is."

Favre says he knows his career has taken a toll on his body.

Favre: "after 20 years, god only knows the toll."

Favre says now, he's trying to enjoy his retirement with hisfamily.