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Home Schooled Children Participate In MSU's Physical Education Program

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MANKATO, Minn. -

In the recreational center at Minnesota StateUniversity, Mankato students have gathered together who otherwise would nothave.

Taylor Bauer says, "It's our professor Matthew Buns, itwas his idea to get us involved with home school kids."

Home schooled kids from preschool through high school.

Matthew Buns says, "We're thrilled to do this as aservice opportunity for them where we can give them the opportunity to makephysical education an essential part of their total curriculum."

With the aim of physical education.

Bauer says, "Whether it's a home school kid or notyou're just trying to get kids active after school."

And so Assistant Professor Matthew Buns reached out to bringthese home schooled children together.

Buns says, "Contact the local home school group, see ifwe can develop a partnership there to gain a little more interest aboutphysical education."

Led by college students and parents alike.

And parents approved of the idea.

Melissa Scholten says, "Our home school students be ableto gain experiences outside of the house and also interact with otherfriends."

And so they have been meeting together.

Malia Newman says, "I think its been like 6 weeks."

Bauer says, "They've been very apprehensive at first,but they definitely opened up to us and they come here early just to play gameswith us."

Games such as speedball.

Malia Newman says, " Its kind of a mixture of footballand basketball and soccer."

Buns says, "And so that's what we really want for themis to take home knowledge and skills and behavioral skills."

Bauer says, "It's a great learning experience not onlyfor us, but for the kids."

And that's the goal, physical education for children of allbackgrounds.

And was it fun?

Sam Newman says, "It was fun...really fun."