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Senate Candidate Visits Area

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MANKATO, Minn. -

A potential Republican opponent for Senator Al Franken in the 2014 election makes a stop in Mankato to acquaint himself with voters.
Chris Dahlberg is an attorney and county commissioner out of Duluth, and will be seeking the Republican nomination this year.

His motto is Front Porch Leadership, and he plans on challenging Senator Franken's support for the Affordable Care Act.
Dahlberg says, "It's disappointing. There's some who said we'll have to wait until the bill is passed to see what's in it. The unfortunate thing with Senator Franken is either he read the bill knowing what the bill is and voting for it knowing the damage it would do to Minnesota, or he didn't read it."
Dahlberg placed fourth in the state's recent straw poll behind the winner Julie Ortman and strong second place finisher Mike McFadden.