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Mankato Public Safety Urges Trick-Or-Treaters To Stay Safe

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Tonight is the big night for Trick–or Treaters! Mankato Public Safety shares some tips to help everyone stay safe while having fun.

Going with a group of friends and staying together is always the best option. Wear reflective or light colored costumes. Carrying a flashlight and staying on the sidewalk is also recommended. Officials want you to get back home safely. Matt Westermayer, says, "Obviously we don't' want anything bad to happen and so anything we can do to help that and to remind people of some of these things is certainly worthwhile and something that we consider a priority."

Before sampling your treats, check to make sure factory wrappers or seals are not broken or damaged. Children should have an adult check all their Halloween candy or food for signs of tampering before they eat the goodies.

If any of your treats show signs of tampering, call 9–1–1.