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Daylight Savings Brings Good Reminder to Check Smoke Detectors

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Tonight we'll turn back the clocks for daylight savings time.

And while most people are looking forward to the extra sleep, this time of the year is also a good reminder to make sure your smoke detectors are working properly.

It's a sound none of us want to hear.

But yet, that annoying noise has saved the lives of hundreds.

And still, 50 people die each year in Minnesota because of fires, and according to North Mankato Fire Chief Tim Pohlman, many of those deaths could've been prevented had the household simply had a properly working smoke detector.

Tim Pohlman says, "I think it's not on the top of their minds. It's one of the last things they think about. They get all busy with their lives and they forget to do those important things and a simple thing like that could literally save their life."

Pohlman says, "It's not rally that expensive and it's not really much of a hassle to take care of each year."

And if you do have one....

Now is a good time to check your smoke detector to make sure the battery's working and that your family is safe in case of a fire.

Pohlman says, "It's easy to remember: if you change your clocks, change the batteries in your smoke detector."

Pohlman says the holiday season is prime for fires because of cooking, the number one cause of fire.

Heating issues are the number two cause, understandably as the weather changes and more heat is needed, and the third cause is open flames.

Pohlman says, "Which most commonly are candles and this time of year people like to have candles in their homes because it just kind of gives that warm fuzzy feeling, however candles unattended can start fires and that this the third leading cause of fires in Minnesota."

Pohlman says the North Mankato fire department responds to about 120 calls per year, and while that number is on the decline, any number over one is one too many.