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School Board Looks at 5-Year Plan

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Along with the vote for a new junior high school in a bonding referendum tomorrow, the school board is focused on its five-year plan for capital improvements. 
The district may be asking for $70 million for a new junior high tomorrow, but its basic maintenance, capital equipment and facility improvements are lower.
Jerry Kolander says, "You can see the total at the bottom is $299,400. Still a little bit in review. We're going to be bringing this to the building principals for their feedback."

The biggest costs will go to East, with $90,000 for insulation, and $21,000 to resurface the gym floor.

Far less significant costs compared to last year.

Jerry Kolander says, "We just put a new roof on Franklin this past year. It was part of our deferred maintenance budget that we used. $600,000 which on really use up your funds fast."
So no big projects this year. And that's just what the school board wants to see.
Ann Fredericks says, "That's what's allowed us to have nearly a century old buildings that are still in good repair."