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Mankato Schools Move Ahead With Renovations

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Last night the Mankato School passed a $69.5 millionreferendum vote allowing them to renovate their schools, and expand with theconstruction of a middle school; and with a passage of 70% of all voters theprocess moves to the next stage.

This now puts into motion the several elements throughout theschool system.

Mankato Superintendent Sheri Allen says it's all aboutplanning.

Allen says, "Being able to design space to meet theneeds of the future for now and years to come."

A new middle school will be constructed. First, a design mustbe finalized with architects and a location must be approved with severallocations being prospected along Highway 22. Next, the school must successfullyreceive their bonds before contractors can bid to be award the contract toconstruct. Construction is projected to begin March 2015 and be completed sothat the school will open its new doors August 2016.

West Cafeteria will expand during the summer of 2014 toaccommodate the extra students the school is seeing.

Garfield Elementary and Mankato East High School will award aconstruction bid in the spring of 2016 to begin construction that followingseason.

East Mankato Principal Jeff Dahline says"The work is really not going to be able to happen until the junior highis able to move out which will be the summer before it opens. I'll tell youwhat, the summer of 2016 is going to be a busy place..."