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Deer Hunting Opener Kicks Off

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If you saw many people dressed in orange today, don't panic, Halloween isn't back yet.

Rather, it's the start to the 2013 Minnesota firearm deer hunting season.

And while the cold and wind made for harsh conditions, it couldn't stop the nearly 500,000 hunters from hitting the open land.

They were up at the crack of dawn.

Eagerly awaiting the official start of the deer hunting season.

They braved the elements.

And the disappointments.

Dawson Gindt says, "He waited for what he would see, but he didn't get it."

All to pursue a passion and heritage that can only be explained by those who claim hunting as a hobby.

Tim Siebsen says, "Well it is crazy sit there in 40 MPH winds this morning and its cold and everything else. But it's the whole experience, it's the camaraderie that everyone has. You can't make sense of why people do it, but once you experience it, it is something you never want to give up."

But these hunters also didn't want to give up the opportunity to bring home a trophy.

And after nearly four hours, the big one did come, and Alex Sinclair captured his prize.

Alex Sinclair says, "I heard it first, running through the trees and when you hear that, you just kind of start scanning to try and figure out where he's at...I saw it come out of there and you just gotta get ready and just be as fast as you can and find him in the scope.

And this 10–point buck, stopped here.

Sinclair says, "It was definitely an adrenaline rush."

A rush to cap off the start of a successful season.