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Woman threatens shopper at Fairmont Wal-Mart

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Fairmont authorities responded to the local Wal-Mart Saturday evening after a woman threatened another shopper, saying she had a gun.

According to a press release from the Fairmont Police Department, the call came in at 7:39 P.M.

Police say it was determined that a female suspect confronted a female shopper and told her to walk away--saying she had a gun. The threat was repeated, and the victim walked away from an aisle with her child--leaving her purse behind in a shopping cart.

The press release goes on to say the suspect took the purse and left the store shortly afterwards, discarding the purse while she was still inside the store.

Authorities say it was determined no firearm was displayed or used during the incident.

The suspect, who's name was not released, was taken into custody and is facing preliminary charges related to aggravated, 2nd-degree robbery.

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