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MSU Aviation Class Helps Sun Country

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MSU is the only university in Minnesota that offers an aviation program.

And today, nearly 30 students from a safety class presented projects to representatives from Sun County Airlines that will be passed on to upper management.

It's not too often that college students can present practical information to upper management officials for a major company.

Josh Werner says, "People from Sun County coming in here, asking us for help and so it was actually, I would say a privilege to be able to step up to the plate and deliver it to them."

The class of 34 was given the challenge to consolidate data.

Cody Camps says, "So we collaborated as a group, trying to put together a system that would kind of simplify all the numbers that they had and kinda project just one simplified view of all those numbers."

And representatives from Sun Country were on hand to hear what the students had to say and take the feedback to use for their daily procedures.

Heidi Dehoogh says, "We take all the presentations together and come up with a recommended action to be able to improve from each of their presentations for what we can do to better our job and ourselves as well."

And instructor Jeff Peterson says this real–world application prepares them for the challenges that lie ahead.

Jeff Peterson says, "We're trying to get them to think with a safety mindset and a safety culture so when they go out and fly or get an aviation management type position, they have safety in the front of their mind in everything they do."

Everything they do, to help reach their dreams.

Trent Fridono says, "Right now–graduating in May, so I'll be applying to the U.S. Navy to hopefully fly jets."

So whether it's flying jets, or flying a charter, these students are ready to take off.