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Local Business Donates to Breast Cancer Research

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A local business wants to give back to help fight the second leading cause of cancer death in women: breast cancer.

Angie's Artisan Treats, the company that makes Angie's Kettle Corn, is donating the proceeds from its "Angie's Pink Ribbon Bag" to the MAYO Clinic BEAUTY Project.

The $25,000 donation from Angie's will help Mayo researchers find ways for doctors to tailor chemotherapy to individual patients based on their genomes.

And the project could completely change how breast cancer is treated. 

"The purpose of this was to look at aggressively growing cancers. And so they may have a differentiation of treatment that will change people's lives," Angie's Kettle Corn President Angie Bastian said.

As MCHS Regional President and CEO Dr. Greg Kutcher explains, "Instead of thinking of a generic one size fits all, one pair of pants for everybody, this is really having your treatment that is customized for you."

Bastian says she chose the BEAUTY project because she wanted her company's donation to benefit breast cancer research as directly as possible.