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Obamacare's Effect on Area School Districts

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Minnesota Congressman John Kline is speaking out about Obamacare, saying the mandate will negatively impact K-12 schools.

KEYC News 12 checked with 2 school districts in our area and here's what we found.
In the Mankato School District, the president of the teachers union says the Affordable Care Act will not impact teacher-staff levels.
"And I double-checked with the...paraprofessional group, and cooks, and found out that it does not have an impact right now with their groups as well," said Robin Courrier, president of the Mankato Teachers Association. "In fact we're hiring paraprofessionals."
However, further to the west at ISD 88 in New Ulm, superintendent Jeff Bertrang says budget and staffing levels are being given another look because of the Affordable Care Act.
"We're in a budget cycle right now for next year, so we're looking at what is the cost factor, what could it be and start identifying those budget items," Bertrang said.
There's also the question as to whether Obamacare will lead to staff reductions at New Ulm Public Schools.
"The idea is to not touch programming , but we'll have to see what the effect is," said Bertrang.
Under Obamacare, officials say employees who work at least 30 hours per week are considered full-time and health coverage must be provided.

Right now, New Ulm Public Schools is looking to see how many employees meet that 30-hour week criteria.
As for Mankato Area Public Schools, the teachers association told KEYC News 12 there will be no cutting of hours for employees.