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North Mankato Manhunt Ends With Suspect At-Large

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After two hours, a massive manhunt in the lower portion of the city was called off with the suspect, Wayne Scott Ayers, still at large.

Just around 3:30 this afternoon, North Mankato Police were alerted of reckless driving involving two cars.

Lt. Carl Bock says, "We got a call there were two cars that were chasing each other around. This Mr. Ayers, Wayne Ayers was in one of the cars and I'm not really sure the circumstances of why these people were chasing each other. But at some point Mr. Ayers did get out of one of the cars and ran. We were aware through another phone call that he was, that it was him in the car and we knew he had a warrant so we had several officers from both Mankato and North Mankato respond to the area."

That warrant was from the Minnesota Department of Corrections for a felony assault dating back to Dec. 20, 2011.

Several agencies, including the Nicollet County K–9 unit, State Patrol, and Blue Earth County assisted in the nearly two–hour search after blockading two blocks around Belgrade Avenue and Center Street.

But authorities were unable to locate him.

Bock says, "We checked the area and think he's gotten out of this general location and he's probably still in the Mankato/North Mankato Area.

However, authorities say they do not believe he is a threat to the public.

Bock says, "At this time I don't think he is. He's obviously fleeing police and wants to get out of the area and any information we can get to know where he's at we'd greatly appreciate."

Anyone with information on Ayers is asked to call 9–1–1.