Meet Ervin and Verna Kaduce. The two celebrated their 75th-wedding anniversary on Sunday.

The couple tied the knot back on November 17, 1938 in Amboy.

On Sunday afternoon, friends and family came together to celebrate their matrimonial longevity. And as far as what it takes to stay together for three-quarters of a century, Verna says it all goes back to the altar.
"We took our vows seriously and always worked things out," Verna said.
And Ervin along with the couple's oldest son say there isn't enough words to describe this special day.
"It's just wonderful--couldn't ask for anything better," said Ervin.
"Their love for their can't describe it, it's like Mount Everest, the love is-I mean it's great," said Myron Kaduce.
The couple says they dated for about two years before getting married. Their first date involved going to a dance.