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As Alzheimer's Affects More People, Early Memory Loss Detection Is Important

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Over 5 million people nationwide suffer from Alzheimer'sdisease, and that number is projected to climb to 7.1 million by 2025. Thisillness now ranks as the sixth highest cause of death and is the only diseasein the top 10 that currently can not be prevented, slowed, or cured.

However, if the disease is detected early, there are stepsthat can be put into motion to help styme its progress. And one such company inMankato is working with families offering early screening to help identify riskfactors.

Opened in Mankato this past Spring, Visiting Angels is anon–medical provider that works with families of Alzheimer patients for earlydetection and home planning once diagnosed.

And there are risk factors that need to be taken intoconsideration...

Cherie Mattson, a registered nurse for Visiting Angels, says"If you become more forgetful, if you are driving some place and get lostand you don't know where you are, if you have a hard time in a conversationremembering names or finding the correct words."

And so Visiting Angels offers an in–home screening testindicating whether additional steps need to be taken.

Questions such as...

Mattson states "Remember this name and address because Iwill ask you for it later:
–Jack Brown
–42 West Street

Oraskovich responds:

"–John Brown
–42 West Street

And if your score indicates additional steps...

Kelly Simmons, a member of Visiting Angels HomeCare, says "You can be referred to a doctor and get a proper diagnosis,and ensure that you are safe in your home."

If you are looking for more information, you may follow this link to Visit Angels.