KEYC - Kiwanis Holiday Lights Ready For Year 2

Kiwanis Holiday Lights Ready For Year 2

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MANKATO, Minn. -

The Kiwanis Holiday Lights display in Sibley Park was a resounding success in its inaugural year, and organizers are hoping to outdo themselves in year two. 
This will never get old. Not a single snowflake in sight, and it's already beautiful.

The Kiwanis Holiday Lights were shown off to donors and the media tonight in a sort of soft open.

About 80% of the lights are up, and expectations are up as well.
Kyle Mrozek says, "That's the stuff you want to build up. These are the traditions you want to have. And come again when the snow falls. The park shines differently when the snows on the ground. I don't think any of us realized how different it would be."

CHS and the Mankato Area Foundation are the major sponsors of the event, which will run November 29th through New Year's Eve.

As far as expansion is concerned, the display is now well over a million lights, non-profit trees have jumped from 47 last year to 70, with the addition of the Mary Dotson Skating Rink, really topping off the new attractions.

As for opening day, the Friday after Thanksgiving:

The parade starts at six, the lights will be turned on at seven, and cars can begin driving through at eight.
Scott Wojcik says, "The last couple of nights, I've been able to turn these light on in the park. And it brings that feeling back of 'this is why we're doing this.' Just to see the awe of everything lit up in the park. It's pretty neat."