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Old Main Village Hosts 'Christmas Treasures' Event

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Today, Old Main Village, a senior living community in Mankato opened their doors to the public for all to get some holiday shopping done in climate-controlled comfort.

If you ask anyone shopping or selling in Old Main Village today, they'd tell you the holiday spirit is in the air.
Holly Resner, executive director for Old Main Village says, "Absolutely, absolutely, I mean you just walk through and it's alive and you can feel it."

Celebrating the 2nd-Annual Christmas Treasures event, the senior living community has opened their doors for vendors to set up gifts and goodies for all to enjoy.

Resner says, "What is so fun about this is we always love to open our doors to the community and the public. To have them come in and really experience what Old Main is all about."
Life Enrichment director, Jenny Murray says, "It's just a way to bring the community in to Old Main Village. It's a great shopping experience, for the vendors they get good sales. It's just a really good day."

With the vendors set up right in the building, it's a real benefit for those who get to shop right in the comfort of their own home.

Resner says, "With the dining area that we have here and in our club room, we have the space. We have the ability to do that. It's just about opening up those doors and making it a one stop shop for the guest that come through and also the residents. They love it just as much as the rest of the community coming through."

Murray says, "It's nice because they can get their Christmas shopping done in one day and in one place. It works out very well for the residents and the community."

Resner says, "It's nice to have people to come to us and just walk through and see what we have to offer and how proud we are of our building."

Giving everyone the chance to spread some holiday cheer.