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Volunteers Package 7,500 Meals for Starving Children

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Well-over fifty volunteers made their way to Bethel Baptist Church in Mankato this evening to help fight hunger.
Jesus Food is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide nutritious meals to starving children throughout the world.
President of Jesus Food, Tim Stromer says, "Basically we are addressing two forms of starvation. There's the starvation of the body without food. Everybody knows we need food. And there's another starvation that as a Christian, I believe is starvation spiritually.  Starvation of the soul and so everybody is God breathed. God breathed life into you, God breathed life into me, but we need to know that savior that breathed life into us. And I believe, of course, that's Jesus."

The volunteer group you see here packaged 75-hundred meals tonight.

That's enough to feed 20 starving children for a year.