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New Ulm and MNDoT Discuss Future Hwy 14 Plans

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

Under sunny skies, cars and trucks head to and from New Ulmon a road that serves as an economic artery for the city.

Downtown, around 45 residents gathered at the communitybuilding joining MNDoT officials to discuss the future of Highway 14 after theNicollet bypass is complete.

Paul Torkelson, a State Representative, says "We'regoing to keep the pressure on both at the state legislature and via thecommunity here in New Ulm and bring that all the way to the city of NewUlm."

Maintaining, updating, and improving roads is a state–wideordeal, but the New Ulm Chamber of Commerce has repeatedly asked for thestretch of road from Nicollet to New Ulm to be expanded to accommodate theheavy usage of trucks and agricultural equipment that populate these roads.

Charlie Zelle, the Commissioner of MNDoT, says "...andthat's why the Corridor of Commerce is important because its about connectingregional centers like New Ulm and Mankato; would be a perfect example."

The current $15–25 million dollar project of expandinghighway 14 from North Mankato to Nicollet is projected to be completed by 2015,but currently no further.

Zeller says "The matter is we are $12 billion short forboth maintaining and expanding our system to be competitive over the next 20years."

And as Highway 14 grows, New Ulm residents will continue tokeep their hopes heard.