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Public Safety, DNR Encourage Ice Safety

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If your Thanksgiving plans involve being near the water, the DNR and local law enforcement remind you to be safe around thin ice.

Authorities say ice isn't safe to walk on unless it's at least 4 inches thick.

The ice we found around the area wasn't close to that thickness, yet.

If you have kids, the DNR says to make sure they're always supervised around ice.

As the ice gets thicker and you plan to be out on it, there are precautions you can take.

"Carry some ice picks. You can buy them commercially or make them at home out of some nails and some wood dowels. But those ice picks will really give you the traction you need to get back up on the ice," explains Deputy Fire Director Jeff Bengtson.

Bengtson says if you see someone fall through the ice, call 911.