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Public Interest Group Releases List of Hazardous Toys

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As the holiday shopping season approaches, parents may want to check their child's wish list – twice.

The Public Interest Research Group is out with its list of dangerous toys.

This year's ‘Trouble in Toyland' report collected 50 toys from store shelves to test for potential hazards.

The Leap Frog Chat and Count Smartphone is too loud for tiny ears – clocking in at 85 decibels, or the equivalent of a garbage disposal.

The Captain America Soft Shield has 29–times the accepted level of lead.

Batteries and powerful magnets can do harm if swallowed.

And so can toys with tiny parts – including the Just Like Home Super Play Food Set.

There's a simple test parents can do at home to identify toys that may be a choking hazard.

If the toy fits inside a wrapping or toilet paper roll, it's too small for children under three.

Gina Seebachan is a parent who runs a play center.

She hand picks what gets put on the floor and in the toy shop.

"When I am looking at toys I am seeing if they can put it in their mouths and if they will get sick," she says.

Toy recalls have declined over the last five years because of tougher product standards.

Consumer advocates say the goal is to get the most toxic toys off store shelves  – out of the hands and mouths of the littlest consumers.

The Public Interest Research Group has a free smart phone app that parents can use to look up any potential dangers.

There's also a decibel sound meter.

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