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Boehlkes' Volunteerism Earns Them Golden Apple Award

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For our latest Golden Apple award we take you to TrinityLutheran School in Nicollet where Paul and Jeanette Boehlke havevolunteered their time and energy making science fun.

Jeanette says, "We have things to do in retirement, butthis is definitely frosting on the cake."

Paul and Jeanette Boehlke have been volunteering to teachscience four days a week to a classroom of 11 3rd through 7th graders.

And Principal Tim Schroeder says they've made science thesubject of choice for his students.

Schroeder says, "And Trinity students have respondedwith rapt interest to the magnetic polls of their personalities whenteaching."

And for Jeanette, the focus on S.T.E.M subjects haveconnected especially well for the girls in the class.

Jeanette says, "Sometimes girls shy away from scienceand there have been no objections to working with cars, no talk about dolls.But this is in the new age: girls are looking ahead to do whatever suitsthem."

But Schroeder says it's not just that the Boehlke's volunteertheir time, but that they make the classroom an unforgettable experience.

Schroeder says, "They selflessly contributed their timeto teach these students in a way they'll remember the rest of their days."

Including today's lesson on rocket cars.

Jeanette says, "When the first car was powered–they'llgo whooooo."

And the level of dedication to their students is clearlyapparent.

Paul says, "Well there's a lot of work in doing goodscience. You have to prepare the material and clean up afterwards– so it'spretty labor intensive. We're thinking about it all the time."

And that time has earned the Boehlkes this week'sBethany Lutheran College and KEYC Golden Apple award.