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Family Video Opens New Store In Mankato

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MANKATO, Minn. -

With high profile businesses like Redbox and Netflix seemingly dominating the movie rental market and stories of Blockbuster's bankruptcy still fresh on people's mind, you'd think that movie rental stores had gone the way of the silent movie.

Yet one brick and mortar store has not only maintained business, but is looking to expand into Mankato.

Founded in 1978, Family Video has over 775 movie rental stores with plans for even more.

Mark Yoo, the Regional Manager of Family Video, says"Contrary to what's out there now its been amazing. I think there's a number of reasons we stay really successful. The first one is people still love to come and talk about movies."

So where is Family Video succeeding where Blockbuster failed?

Michael Nolan, the Director at the Small Business DevelopmentCenter, says "I think Blockbuster's problems were on a very large corporate basis, not a store–by–store basis. And there's still a niche in the marketplace and obviously the market demand is there."

Yoo says "From a business stand–point we own about 80%of all our own buildings, we own our own real–estate, we are committed toMankato. We own this property and plan on being here for many, many years.We're excited to contribute to our economy."

Colin Oraskovich asks "Do you foresee yourself using theFamily Video once it opens?

"Maybe. Yeah. When I'm looking for a certain movie. I was just looking for the first Anchorman the other day and I couldn't find it anywhere. I bet I could have found it at a place like that," responds Spencer Strahan, a Redbox user.

Andrew Guminiak says he opts for movie rental stores for the customer service.

"Sometime, ya know, you forget to turn in the movie, if its late they forgive you for the late fees. If you go to Redbox they automatically charge your card. I don't really like that."

In the end, it depends upon your movie needs.

Netflix is convenient, but lacking, Redbox has many locations, but only current titles, and Family Video has thousands of titles,but fewer locations.

The new Mankato location along Victory Drive is scheduled to open the 12th or 13th of next week.