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Facing Manslaughter Charges, DeLeon Now Wanted on Fraud Charges

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GAYLORD, Minn. -

A Sibley County woman facing manslaughter charges in the death of her 8 month old son is in a Las Vegas jail.

Christina DeLeon, 19, has been arrested on a Felony Fraud warrant.

In November, DeLeon was charged with Second Degree Manslaughter charges after her eight month-old son drowned in the bathtub. Authorities say she also tested positive for drugs at that time.

According to court papers obtained by KEYC News 12 today, authorities believe she's committed Felony Welfare Fraud.

The arrest warrant states that Sibley County Public Health and Human Services workers acted on a tip.

That tip was that DeLeon purchased baby formula using WIC vouchers 12 days after her son had died. That purchase was for just more than $130.

The arrest warrant goes on to say DeLeon then posted on Facebook that she was selling baby formula.  Shortly after that, the arrest warrant was  issued.

According to the Clark County, Nevada jail roster, she was arrested on December 10th.  Authorities in Sibley County tell us that DeLeon has waived extradition, and arrangements are being made to bring her back to the Sibley County jail where she will face possible Felony Welfare Fraud charges.

As for the manslaughter charges, she's due in court on those 2nd degree charges January 2nd.