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Last Minute Changes to Affordable Care Act

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Monday is the deadline for Americans to buy a health insurance plan under the affordable healthcare act, if they want coverage come January first.

But the White House is making a last minute change that would spare some people from being fined if they don't sign up.

It would also offer a new option.

Beverly Cena lost her basic health insurance .

Millions were recently dropped because their plans didn't meet the new standards under the affordable healthcare act.

Earlier this week Cena told CBS News her family was considering going without coverage.

Beverly Cena, who lost her Insurance Plan says, "we would actually like to have catastrophic insurance. That's what we would take but they don't even give us that option."

Now the white house 'is' providing that option. In a last minute change – people who lost their insurance may now be able to sign up for cheaper catastrophic coverage plans.

The bare bones policy comes with lower premiums but also higher deductibles and limited benefits.

And many of these people will also have more time to pick a plan.

Health and human services secretary Kathleen Sebelius says they will 'not' face a tax penalty if they don't buy a new policy.

But the healthcare insurance industry is not happy with the policy shift.

An advocacy group representing insurers says 'This latest rule change could cause significant instability in the marketplace and lead to further confusion and disruption for consumers.'

The White House believes the change will impact about half a million people. But the insurance industry fears it could be many more.

The department of health and human services is setting up a hotline for people who got cancellations – 1–866–837–0677