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Year-End Holiday Travel Increases

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Minnesota -

AAA projects an estimated 94.5 million Americans will journey to their holiday season destinations.

This marks the fifth consecutive year of increases in travel for the year-end holiday period.

 AAA says travel is up by .6 percent for the remainder of the holiday season, but they say the economy has nothing to do with it.

 Gail Weinholzer the director of public affairs for AAA says, "Christmas, New Year's holidays is traditionally the holiday that people are least likely to cut back on as far as gas prices or the economy or those sorts of things. People travel over Christmas and New Year's pretty much regardless of anything.

Local residents confirm that no matter what economic conditions are, they're going to spend the holidays with loved ones.

 Glenn Ward, a holiday traveler says, "Doesn't matter what he budgets are everyone busts the bank at Christmas time and for presents they can't afford but now gas they can't afford. When it comes to family you do what you have to do to be able to visit."

AAA spokespeople want to encourage everyone to drive safe due to the heavy traffic on the roadways throughout the next few weeks.