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New Dog On The Force

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There will be a changing of the guard next year in the Nicollet County Sheriff's Office.
Not the Sheriff himself, but instead the K-9 unit. 
This is Dillon, German Shepherd by breed, Slovakian by nationality, crime fighter by occupation.

OK, crime fighter trainee.

He's got about a year before he joins the department, when he'll replace nine-year veteran Draeco.

For now, he gets to be a puppy. Basic commands and discipline.
Paul Biederman says, "8-16 hours a month of training to keep our skill set high and do our job."

He'll be used to find missing people, those that want to be found, and those that don't... as well as searching for narcotics.

To do that, he'll train in much the same way he acts now as a puppy. Curious about the scent of everything.

Biederman says, "You can't climb into the dog's mind to know what they're smelling, but he's looking for human scent and also the odor caused by grass being crushed or dirt being disturbed, things like that. It all creates an odor.