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Young Heart Patient Brightens the Holidays for Other Kids

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A rare heart condition isn't stopping one little boy from making holiday wishes come true for other sick children.

6-year-old Maceo Alvarez is giving Santa a little extra help this year.

He and his family are using their living room to sort the hundreds of donated presents they've collected... as part of their toy drive for sick children in Los Angeles.

Alvarez suffers from a heart defect called tri–cuspid Artesia.... and has spent nearly every Christmas in the hospital.

His mother, Monique Esparza, was by his side for all *13* of his surgeries.

"He was in a coma last October and we were told to call our families so they could make their final goodbyes that he would not make it through the morning. 3 days later he did what he always has and came back smiling."

How does she explain that?

"Faith. It's all faith."

Maceo was born with a rare condition – he has only one fully functioning chamber in his heart. To fix the problem, surgeons had to reroute his blood, creating the normal flow without that pumping chamber in between.

Maceo also has a pacemaker to regulate his heartbeat.

This year he will get to spend this Christmas at home.

"There's nothing more a mom can ask for."

Maceo now hopes to spread some extra cheer when the presents are handed out to kids at children's hospital just before Christmas.

Doctors don't expect Maceo to need another surgery anytime soon, but he will have to get the battery replaced in his pacemaker over the next few years.