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2 dead after suspected carbon-monoxide poisoning in rural Springfield

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Authorities say two deaths in rural Springfield appear to be the result ofcarbon-monoxide poisoning.

And the Springfield City manager told KEYC News 12 earliertoday that one of those victims was a local volunteer firefighter.

That firefighter was 30-year-old Nathan Potter.

According to a press release from the Brown County Sheriff'sOffice, law enforcement responded to a farmstead located along 410thAvenue in rural Springfield yesterday at around 1:40 P.M.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office says upon arriving at theresidence, the bodies of Nathan Potter and 23-year-old Adam Jensen were found.

The Springfield city manger says Potter was a localfirefighter.

A press release from the sheriff's office goes on to say thedeaths appear to have been caused by carbon-monoxide poisoning, however autopsyresults are still pending.