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Weather Causes Headaches for Travelers

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About the only way to describe the nation's weather heading into this Christmas holiday is bizarre.

The crazy weather mix included freakishly warm temperatures in the northeast, a winter storm in the Midwest, and deadly flooding down south.

At least 9 deaths are blamed on the weather- that's hit at one of the busiest travel times of the year.

At least five people were killed by flooding in Kentucky, where high winds also took a toll.

There was also flooding in neighboring Indiana and as far east as Vermont.

In the Midwest, winter's first official storm brought heavy snow.

Snow and ice knocked down power lines in Oklahoma, which caused numerous house fires.

Tulsa Fire Chief Stan May says, "We just go from one house fire to the next to the car wrecks, do what you can to protect yourself. We've already had one incident of a house without a smoke detector."

The storm also knocked out power to nearly half a million homes and businesses from Michigan to New England.

Christopher Havens of Lockport New York says, "When they get one line repaired, another branch comes down, so they're not really catching up when they think they got one fixed, there's another."

The weather caused travel delays on the roads and in the air.

By last night 700 flights had been cancelled, and more than 7-thousand delayed.

In the mid-Atlantic and northeast, folks were walking around in their shorts.

In New York City's central park, the mercury reached 70 degrees, a new record.

Record highs were also set in Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia.