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Police Offer Safety Reminders Following Burglary Arrests

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Police made multiple arrests in two residential burglaries that occurred over the weekend.

It started around 4 o'clock Saturday morning. Someone saw several men taking electronics and other items from apartments in the 15-hundred block of Monks Avenue.

Mankato Police officers found four men in the parking lot with stolen property in a car.

The apartment doors were apparently unlocked. Officials say they need the public's help.

Jeremy Clifton, says, "Homeowners help, but also landlord and even property managers...if they would go through their apartment complexes and just rattle doors and check doors to ensure that those that aren't home right now have their property secure.

Police arrested three Mankato men Sunday morning at an apartment complex in the 400 block of State St. A search warrant led to items reported stolen from the hilltop area. Authorities say the three also had narcotics and a gun in their possession.

Authorities urge everyone to secure their cars and homes and always report suspicious activity.