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Sub-Zero Temperatures and The Effects it Creates

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MANKATO, Minn. -

"–13ºF for a low temperature this morning, this is thecoldest day yet this month."

"To give an idea of how cold it is outside, here aresome objects at room temperature: some balloons I filled up, a can of pop atroom temperature, a t–shirt soon to be soaked with water."

When boiling water is thrown into the sub–zero air, the steamand fine drops lift away similar to a cloud while larger drops freeze into icepellets or graupel before hitting the ground.

"At –6ºF, even water laden with salt begins to freezeshowing why salt on the roadways is only effective to a certaintemperature."

Never fill car tires to the upper limit when they are cold.

"Remember that balloon from before? Well, now look atit."

Mechanics say if you filled your car tire full with air whilecold, when temperatures warm you run the increased risk of popping that tire.

Physicists say that times until reaching the freezing pointalso decrease with lower temperatures. This soda had been outside for an hourand a half.

"Our can of soda didn't quite explode like I was hopingfor, but it does appear to be frozen solid at this...nope.

Well, its mostly frozen at this point."

And why is water on clothes a danger? This shirt froze solidin only a few minutes.

"So here's that same t–shirt. It is now rock solidbecause I coated it in ice and allowed it to sit outside. Let's see if I canbreak it."

< Sounds of cracking >

"[The shirt is] more resilient than I thought."

Finally, if you do have to walk or work outside, doctorssay...

"When temperatures reach this cold, make sure to limitthe amount of time you are outside to reduce your risk of frostbite andhypothermia. And, if you are going to be outside trying staying next to astructure or building. The effects of the wall will: one, stop the wind and,two, help retain more heat in that general vicinity."