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Air Rescue to be Attempted for Stranded Antarctic Passengers

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Some of the people on board a ship stuck in Antarctic ice may be rescued as soon as tomorrow.

Crews are switching their focus from a sea rescue to an air rescue.

For the passengers aboard a research ship stuck in the ice off of Antarctica, New Year's Eve was a day to celebrate and get ready for a possible rescue.

They sang while preparing a spot for a helicopter to land and whisk them to safety

Chris Turney, a Stranded Professor says, "We're preparing the helipad by getting the team to stomp down in this snow and ice so the Chinese helicopter from Snow Dragon can reach us."

The airlift became necessary after a third ice breaker had to turn away Monday because of bad weather.

Officials hope the conditions will clear by tomorrow and the rescue mission can begin.

The ship got stuck on Christmas Eve after a blizzard pushed ice around the vessel.

Since then, the people aboard the ship have been using social media to let the world know about their plight.

The passengers of the ship will take the helicopter to safety, but the crew will stay behind and wait for the ice to break up naturally.

There are 52 passengers on the ship, a combination of scientists and tourists.