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Extreme Cold Creates Extra Business

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Bitter cold temperatures are gripping the Midwest bringing tow truck companies to work extra hard.

This sub-zero weather is only a reminder that you must keep your car prepared for the freezing temperatures.

Mechanics say, this morning they received over 50 phone calls in only two hours.

Gary Noren, All American Towing service manager says, "We've been just swamped. Its 20 below, so the phones are just ringing off the hook and we've already had scheduled maintenance from last week that we're trying to finish up today."

Not only were tow truck companies busy, so were diesel truck technicians.

 Jason Kruggel, service manager at North Central International Inc. says, "People are having a lot of issues with the truck gelling up, the fuel additive that the stations are putting in, may not be enough, you always want to try to add a little extra fuel. You want to take every precaution you possibly can."

Service managers say its good idea to add a treatment to the diesel fuel when filling up.

Noren says, "Preparedness is part of it too, but you can do all the right things and in this weather your car still might not start and that's what people have to realize sometimes it just gets too cold."

Car experts offer this advice: check your batteries regularly, keep your fuel tank at least half full at all times, check your tire pressure and change your fuel filter every year.