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USPS Delivers, Even in Dangerous Cold

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Some people are tough. They see adversity and laugh in its face.

Well...maybe not laugh, but they surely come prepared for the conditions.

Bonnie Knutson, a Postal Service delivery person and dressed for the weather, says"This coat, this coat, this sweater, this shirt, and another shirt underneath five. And I have another coat in the car in case I need it."

And rightly so.

Knutson says "I don't remember it ever being this cold."

At 11 this morning, temperatures had warmed to only negative 17 Fahrenheit. Combined with wind gusts of 25 miles per hour, the wind chill dropped to negative 47.

And yet Bonnie Knutson goes from house, to house, to house, bring people their mail.

Knutson says "I got a family to raise, so that's plenty of motivation."

Paul Johnson, the Postmaster in Mankato's USPS, says "At times, our workers, we forget to say thank you, because truly they are the ones out there."

Working outside regardless of conditions.

Knutson says "As long as you keep moving, its not that bad, or it doesn't seem to be. Fingers and toes seem to be the biggest problem."

And even though today is bad...

Colin Oraskovich, the reporter, asks "What's worse: today or the holiday rush?"

Knutson says "Holiday rush..." while laughing.