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North Mankato Adopts Vision Statement

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Another local company will give the Lor Ray Deli mart gas station a try, North Mankato buys a new bookmobile, and the city approves its vision for the future. 
A big sticking point to the whole Marigold development debate was that the city didn't have a comprehensive plan, a sort of mission statement to help guide its decision-making.

The council approved a vision statement tonight, with a specific mention of desiring "policies that expand the tax base and add jobs to the community".

Related to that matter, the council also went into a closed session to discuss ongoing litigation concerning the Marigold approval process.
Tyler Freyberg, with Freyberg Petroleum says, "I think it's a good circumstance up on LorRay. They had a pretty loyal following and things just didn't work out. Hopefully another family-owned local company can make it work."

Also tonight, the council approved tobacco and soft drink license for a new Shell gas station at the old LorRay Deli mart, which closed late last year. It will be operated by a sister corporation of Freyberg Petroleum, which also runs the Shell station at the intersection of Highway 14 and 3rd Avenue in Mankato.

And the council approved the purchase of a new Bookmobile out of California.
Lacy Lowry, library director for North Mankato says, "The new bookmobile will be larger than the existing bookmobile and the really great thing is it will have a public computer onboard so people will be able to use the internet."

The city is purchasing the previously used bookmobile from Oregon for $28,000, and plan on refurbishing it before putting it into circulation.