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Hermantown Teen Determined To Sleep Outside

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Finally at Five... Just walking outside in this weather is unbearable for most of us...but a Minnesota teenager is choosing to sleep outside.
17-year-old Rudy Hummel started his outdoor adventure last summer.
As the nights grew colder, he decided to stay in his backyard in Hermantown.
Hummel built a snow cave with PVC pipe to poke holes to breathe and a shovel to dig himself out if needed.
It took Hummel a week to build a snow cave called a quinzee.
Hummel wears 6 layers along with a wool blanket and sleeping bags to stay warm.
During the day he spends time inside with his family.
Rudy plans to try to make it a full year sleeping outside.
He's working on a way for his adventure to raise money for charities.