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Mankato's 'Keep The Wreath Bright' Campaign Wraps Up

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Mankato Public Safety officials say their 2013 "Keep The Wreath Bright" campaign was almost perfect.    

Although there were two preventable fires, no one was injured and the estimated losses were $40,000 less than in 2012.  The two reported fires were both determined to have started with an electrical problem.     Mankato Department of Public Safety, Deputy Director, Jeff Bengtson, says,       "If it's left unrepaired, the wiring, the insulation from that wiring can heat up and breakdown and eventually cause some short .  And most often the wiring is running through walls and attic spaces.  And they can cause a small fire that goes undiscovered for a long period of time."   Bengtson added that you should always use a licensed electrician to work on your home.  Electrical problems are the second leading cause of house fires. While fires related to cooking remain the number one cause. If you have any questions about fire prevention, just contact your local fire department.