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Montgomery Man, 18, Accused in Father's Death Appears in Court

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The son accused of killing his father in rural Montgomery on Monday is formally charged with second–degree murder this afternoon.  

Jonas David Nelson appeared in court today and, according to the criminal complaint, admitted to killing his father with a rifle from a gun cabinet in his home.  

Authorities say that on Monday night around 11 p.m. Jonas Nelson called 911 saying his father had been murdered.When they got to the scene, the Le Sueur County Sheriff's office found Richard Nelson in the house lying on the floor, deceased.

Authorities say Jonas initially told them he was in his bedroom upstairs when he heard gunshot noises and glass breaking like on TV, and said someone had murdered his dad. Officers did find a hole in the glass doors consistent with a bullet hole.

They took Jonas out to a squad car for further questioning while they searched the home.It was there that police say Jonas began making comments... saying his dad had "been more of a probation officer than a dad," and "can be very harsh when he wants to be."

After saying he fully understands the consequences, Nelson allegedly said quote: "what happened in there was me."

The complaint goes on to say that Nelson came downstairs to get some water and saw his dad sleeping on the floor, then went into the gun cabinet and got out one of the rifles and took his life.

The complaint quotes Nelson as saying he has never been driven to rage in his life but with the way his dad had been treating him, he just, quote, "snapped," and that the idea to kill his father wasn't planned until that evening.

The judge Wednesday set Nelson's bail at $2 million.

Nelson's Public Defender says the bail is high, but due to the severity of the charges, he understands. 

Lea says, "I requested that he be released on his own recognizance, obviously with him just being 18 years of age has real limited finances. I noted to the court that he wouldn't be able to post $5,000 bail, so but the court did set bail at a high amount but that's due to the gravity of the charges."

Nelson will appear in court again on Tuesday for an initial hearing. 

In closing, the complaint says that Nelson said that part of him feels good because he doesn't have to deal with him, but the other part realizes his dad isn't here anymore."