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Minneapolis Police: Child Pornography Traced to New Ulm Man's Home

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

A New Ulm man is facing multiple felony charges after Minneapolis police say they traced child pornography back to his computer.
The case was filed in Brown County court this week.

Authorities say it all leads back to a residence along State Street in New Ulm. Court documents say from October through June of last year, Office Dale Hanson of the Minneapolis Police Department used an Undercover Investigative Software to trace child pornography back to 426 North State Street in New Ulm, where Barry Hinkelman lives.
"His investigation led to a person that resided in our community, Mr. Hinkelman, and through his investigation found that his computer was making available for of child pornography," said Investigator Chris Moellenhoff of the New Ulm Police Department.
The criminal complaint goes on to say 27-year-old Hinkelman had more than 180 images of suspected child pornography on a computer hard drive. In addition to pictures, the criminal complaint says Hinkelman's computer hard drive contained suspected child pornography video on it as well.
"We did our search warrant," said Moellenhoff. "Of course we seized a couple computers and several digital media."
When approached at his residence, Hinkelman told KEYC News 12 he had "no comment" when asked about the criminal complaint against him.
Court records say Hinkelman is now facing 8 felony charges related to child pornography.
Authorities say Hinkelman was also making child pornography available for upload.
Heineman is scheduled to make a court appearance on the charges on January 28.