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Improvements Continue with MNsure

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The MNsure board meets again in continuing efforts to improve its health care delivery.

Improvements are on–going to help better serve Minnesotans with their health care options and enrollment numbers continue to climb.

Since last Sunday, MN–sure announced nearly 72,000 people have signed up for coverage.

A closer look into those enrolled shows that 53 percent of those who have signed up are women. With the median age set at 48.

Other demographic details have yet to be released, such as specific numbers for each age group.

In order for the Qualified Health Plans to function, the Congressional Budget Office says 38 percent of those that sign up on the exchange need to be between the ages of 18 and 35.

In today's session, MNsure board members are now looking into hiring a third–party vendor to help out their call center.

MNsure has gotten the average call time down to less than an our, but administrators believe that is still too long.

While ideas are being tossed around to shorten call times, work continues to clean up the glitches online to make the process of getting mandatory health care easier.

 Open enrollment for MNsure has been extended and will be available until the last day of March.