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Attack in Iraq kills at least 21, injures more

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Violence in Iraq killed least 21 people today as the government struggles to fight off Al Qaeda linked militants taking control over parts of the country.

Ambulances rushed to the scene of another suicide bombing in Iraq.

This time, police say a man blew himself up at a military airfield in Baghdad - killing at least 21 army recruits.

This witness says, he had a belt of explosives and detonated himself. All these recruits were doing was looking for a way to make a living.

The victims were responding to a government call for volunteers to fight al Qaeda linked militants in Anbar province, west of the capital.

Insurgents have taken over parts of Fallujah and neighboring Ramadi.

Fighters reportedly seized police stations, set up their own check point and freed prisoners.

Fallujah and Ramadi were bloody battlegrounds for US troops, who withdrew from Iraq in 2011.

Two years later, the United States says it is speeding up delivery of military equipment to help Iraqi forces battle the insurgency.

But it is not clear where enemy lines are drawn.

Ethnic and religious differences have Iraqi forces fighting militants, as well as local tribesmen.

These fighters in Fallujah posted video online of their attack on an Iraqi military convoy.

The Iraqi government is warning al-Qaeda linked militants to get out or face a military showdown.

The United Nations says sectarian battles between militants from different branches of Islam in Iraq, have force more than 11,000 families from their homes.