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Mount Kato Hosts 14th Season Of Adaptive Ski Program

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Today was a great afternoon for outdoor winter sports.

But for those with a disability, staying active during the can months can be especially challenging.

However, a program here in Mankato, is helping those same people take full advantage of Jack Frost.

"Ordinarily it's like I have to think so much about, how am I going to get here, how am I going to do this and I can just come out here and ski."

Mount Kato's adaptive skiing program is now in its 14th season to give people with physical disabilities the opportunity to enjoy some winter sports.

Megan Bending, an adaptive skier says, "It's such a great thing to be able to come out here and to get out on the hill and it's just a great sense of freedom because I get to choose my course. It's just me on the hill. Just me and my guide and it's just such a great feeling."

There are all sorts of different types of equipment designed specifically for individual needs.

 Ben Keist, the coordinator for the adaptive ski program says, "We've got a wide variety of equipment. We're able to pretty much adapt to any disability that anybody has. We primarily work with people with physical disabilities ranging from Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, we have quite a few blind skier's again this year, that tends to be our biggest population, which is amazing to be able to do. I think it's awesome that they trust our volunteers enough to come out and ski."

And so they ski.

Bening says, "Coming out here and skiing has given me a lot more confidence because I'm pretty sure if I can come out here and ski and get through it and have a great time, I can kind of do anything."

Adapt yourself - the motto of adaptive skiing.

The program is volunteer based and is always looking for extra help. To lend a hand contact Ben Keist at 507-207-3036.