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James Enz Honored as January Jefferson Good People Recipient

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Twice a year Eagle Lake resident James Enz organizes a blood drive at his church - but that only scratches the surface of his service to our community.

James Enz's service to the ECHO Food Shelf began several years ago through his church.

He says he was chosen for this mission because he had the time...and the muscle.

Jim says, "It got to be too much for the office girl to bring it down, it's quite heavy."

It's his strength of character that keeps him coming back. James has seen the need in the community grow over the years, but, he says, so has the generosity of the community.

Jim Says, "People are more willing to give now, since I started its' picked up, and in this economy people are really in need of it."

James says projects like this helps to feed the need to help others, saying, "Somebody had a birthday party and instead of gifts had food shelf donations, he received 200 and some pounds of food.

That all adds up to better our community.

Because of volunteers like James Enz, a KEYC Jefferson Good People Award Recipient.