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Madelia Man Accused of Raping 4-Year-Old Girl

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A Madelia man is facing multiple felony charges in Watonwan County after being accused of raping a four-year-old girl.

That man is in custody and is facing multiple felony charges of criminal-sexual conduct.

"This is a one that we don't want to have happen to anybody again," said Sheriff Gary Menssen of Watonwan County.
It's a troubling story that authorities say happened in Lewisville. Back on January 13th, officials say they took a report of a sexual assault. The alleged victim involved four-year-old girl.
"After follow-up investigation with the female and the mother and taking her (the girl) to the hospital...the story became more believable," said Menssen. "So the following day we arrested the male party who had been living there but had moved out."
The Watonwan County Sheriff's Office says Edgar Arturo Cano-Fernandez was arrested in connection with the alleged assault.

Authorities say the alleged victim and the 29-year-old suspect knew each other. Cano-Fernandez allegedly told the girl not to tell anyone. 

Menssen says a case like this is alarming to say the least.
"I've been here 22 years and I haven't seen one with somebody that young," Menssen said.
Menssen says he also wants parents to reach out if they believe their kids have had inappropriate contact with someone.
"Believe your kids, I mean when you're talking four-year-olds, five-year-olds and they bring up something like this, or you suspect something like this, talk to them, get their information," he said.
Cano-Fernandez is scheduled to make an upcoming court appearance on February 18th.
A call to his public defender was not returned.