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City of Mankato Asks You to Adopt Fire Hydrant

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As the snow piles are growing, so are the concerns of fire fighters in the city of Mankato.

That is because fire hydrants are starting to get buried under the shoveled and plowed mounds of snow.

The city is asking residents to adopt a hydrant to keep the snow around them clear for easier access.

Fire officials say they would like the hydrants cleared three feet around in all directions so they can be found by firefighters in an emergency when time is of the essence.

Fire Commander Don Lehne says, "The general rule of thumb is, a fire can double in size in one to four minutes, so things progress, and we need to keep our firefighter efforts moving on as well."

The city says keeping hydrants clear of snow isn't just helpful to the fire department, but also snowplow drivers are less likely to hit them and cause damage.

The hydrants are meant to break away, but are unusable until they are replaced or repaired which can cost thousands of dollars.

If you would like more information on how to adopt a hydrant you can call city staff at 507-387-8577, or if you need to report a damaged fire hydrant, dial 507-387-8660.