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This Maple River Teacher is a Cross Product of Success

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Mapleton, Minn. -

Math is not a subject most students look forward to, but when you get that one special teacher it can change everything.

This week's Golden Apple winner may have been forewarned about winning the award leading up to today's celebration.

Students clap and cheer as Jeff Cole, the 8th grade Algebra teacher walks into his classroom.

Cole says "Thank you...thanks."

"You guys know that I'm a passionate guy and an emotional guy."

Resounding 'Yes' from the students.

A student from his class says "Don't cry, just please don't cry."

With a beaming smile, Cole responds, "Don't cry? What's wrong with that?"

This is Jeff Cole who teaches 8th grade algebra and social studies for Maple River Middle School and has earned the respect of this students and peers.

Todd Griepentrog, the principal for the Maple River HighSchool and Middle School, says "I'm really impressed with Mr. Cole, with his teaching abilities. He's always a positive influence on our student body."

Cole says "When I come in here I always preach two things to them everyday: If you come in with a positive attitude and give it your best effort, I think you're going to be very successful in life. And the other component that we always talk about outside of school is the respect issue."

It's these goals that build such respect from his students and teachers.

The caring, honest hope for each student's well–being.

And when the note that earned Mr. Cole his Golden Apple was recited to him...

Cole says "She said she had nominated me for this..."

"You don't go into teaching for the awards, you go into it because of the students."

And it's this attitude that has earned Jeff Cole KEYC News 12's Golden Apple Award.