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Poor Visibility Throughout Southern Minnesota

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Today's strong winds blew snow all around southern Minnesota.

Dropping visibility dramatically making for horrible road conditions.

Throughout much of southern Minnesota, roads looked like this.

Fierce winds picking up the snow pushing around snow and your vehicle.

Kevin Michaels, an area bus driver says, "You could feel it out there, blowing you around."

Causing motorists like bus driver, Kevin Michaels to take extra precaution.

Michaels says, "The conditions were decent but the visibility wasn't very good. You're maybe going like 40 miles an hour where you would be doing 60 on Highway 60 going to Madison Lake."

Highway 71 north of Windom in Cottonwood County was closed before noon today. Here you can see the visibility this MnDOT snow plow driver had this morning.

With conditions staying pretty much the same throughout the day.

Michaels says,  "In a 55 zone which is the limit, you're doing like 40, 35 and in some areas we could have been going slower than that, maybe 20 because you couldn't see!"

In conditions like these, drivers have several elements working against them when on the road.

Although we can't control the weather, there are some things we can, like, making ourselves more visible by simply turning on our vehicles lights.

MnDOT officials say they took several calls from workers plowing the roads saying they wouldn't believe how many vehicles they saw with their lights off.

What may seem like common sense to most of us, may not be the case for everyone.

Michaels says,  "That bugs me, we're told to run with out lights on, that's part of our business. And then you get those people that don't turn their lights on. You try to flash your lights to let them know they don't have them on, and they just drive on by. Ya can't help 'em!."